What packaging should I use?

Choosing the right packaging for your product is no simple task. But we have a guide on best packaging practices so you can ensure low costs and a protected shipment!


Preparing your shipments for delivery may seem like hard labor, but it’s all worth it in the end. As a responsible Stallion Express user, make sure to take note of these DO’s for a smoother transaction.

  • A box in good shape

First impressions last, and that also applies when preparing your parcel. Get yourself a sturdy box or high-quality mailer to place the items inside and make sure to seal it properly. 

  • Package box with a 4 x 6” label

It’s important to note that the 4 x 6” size is the only label dimension recommended by the carrier.  It’s likely our warehouse team will hold and reject your shipment unless this standard is met (it’s what our carrier’s tell us!). 

Double-check the size of your labels when printing them out to provide correct dimensions when placing them on your box if you’re using a regular printer. If using a regular printer, be sure to also check ink levels and ensure the barcode is legible - without blurs or bleeding ink within the barcode lines. 

  • A box with internal cushions

You don’t want your items to look ravaged when it finally arrives at the destination, right? Whether you'll secure the products with bubble wrap, styrofoam molds, or heaps of paper shreds, make sure to create necessary arrangements to maintain the products' mint condition.

  • A poly bag with a correctly placed label

If you’re an online seller who is using poly bags for your items, ensure to attach the label properly to prevent further dilemmas. Place it on the front and at the center for easy scanning of your parcel.

Be sure to keep the barcode free of any tape or obstructions. 

  • Kraft mailer with a correctly placed label

Aside from regular boxes and poly bags, kraft mailers are among the usual packaging used by e-commerce merchants for their selling products.

When using kraft mailers for your smaller items, place the postage label properly and avoid covering the barcode with tape.

  • Boxes with label on its largest and flattest area

It is one of the general guidelines in shipment procedures to place the labels on the largest and flattest surfaces of the box. Always keep in mind to apply this ruling to guarantee the one-time processing of your packages and therefore avoiding delays. 

For additional peace of mind, you may also add Stallion Protection for coverage in case of shipment damage or loss.

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