What does each shipment status mean?

Definition of Shipment Status

Shipment Status:


After the label is purchased on our platform, the label is ready to be dropped off and scanned at Stallion Express location.


Third-party labels or untracked shipments fall into Pending status when created. They must be added to a batch and the batch must be closed for the status to move to Ready.


Scanned at our facility or at a drop and go location.


Received and to be shipped within 1 business day.

In Transit

Shipment is in-transit towards the carrier or it is already with the carrier.


 Shipment has been delivered.


Unusual occurrence happened to the shipment (i.e. delayed, undelivered due to incorrect address etc). 

Parcel could still eventually have been delivered even on this status - track to find out the latest status. 

Void Requested

Label has been requested to be cancelled.


Label has been cancelled and a refund has been issued.

Postage Expired

Unused/unscanned label which expired after 21 days.


Unpaid label with incomplete or incorrect details. 


Missing or incomplete information causing an error.

Tendered to Carrier

This indicates the hand-off date to the carrier. Carriers would scan the parcel on the same day, but in some cases the scan will fall on the next business day if hand-off was on a weekend.

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