Stallion Economy Standard FAQ

What is Stallion Economy Standard?

This new service includes a hybrid of air shipping and dedicated line haul networks while leveraging our local delivery partners. 

How long does the delivery take? What are the transit times?

Transit times are anywhere from 2-8 Business days

Is the service tracked?

The service is fully tracked and made available through GTAGSM. Tracking events may be limited at points because it is a zoneskip service and the shipment is traveling between destinations without any scans. We can open up a trace request to obtain the latest update if required!

My recipient is claiming they never received the package even though it says delivered?

We can start an investigation with the carrier to find out what happened and update you once we receive a response within 1-2 business days. In the meantime, suggest to your recipient to check with their neighbors and other possible delivery points around the perimeter

My package could not be delivered due to an incorrect address. When will my package be returned?

It can take up to a month to receive the return parcel as returns are consolidated and shipped back to us on a monthly basis for a low return fee.

The carrier lost my package. What happens next?

If you have Stallion Protection, we will consider this eligible for a lost shipment claim and you can go ahead and submit this at your convenience. If you did not add Stallion Protection, there is no carrier insurance available and no reimbursement options.

I need to update the address on the parcel that is in-transit? Can I intercept/stop the parcel from being delivered?

We can submit an address change to the carrier however there is no guarantee the address will be changed or if the package can be intercepted. If the parcel is delivered to the incorrect address, we will not be able to retrieve the package. If the package is returned due to the incorrect address, we will have to wait to receive the return in a month's time.

Can I use this option for Amazon?

This is not recommended for Amazon sellers as this is not a registered carrier on Amazon's platform. However, there is no issue with using Shopify, and Etsy, and other marketplaces. If the marketplace requires a registered carrier, then this option is not recommended!

What are the maximum criteria; weight and dimensions?

We can ship up to 50lbs with a dims maximum of (L+W) x2 = 120 inches.

Can I ship to a PO Box address?

We are unable to send any shipments to PO Boxes using Economy Standard. PO box shipments should go directly through Canada Post only. This service is also limited to rural areas.

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