I want to refer a friend. Where can I get my unique referral URL?

I want to refer a friend. Where can I get my unique referral URL?

You can get your personal referral link in the Referrals tab.

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    • What qualifies as a referral?

      To qualify as a referral, the person you refer must: Be a new Stallion Express client with a new unique email. Use your unique referral URL to sign-up. *Your referral earnings will depend on the number of shipments the referee creates for the first 3 ...
    • How much will I earn for my referrals?

      If you refer a new user, using your referral link, you'll earn $0.20 for each shipment they create for the first 3 months. You will receive an email notification upon successful registration. Credits will be paid out and reflected in your account. ...
    • How do I get my supplies order?

      Please note that all orders for supplies must be picked up at Stallion Express Branches only: https://stallionexpress.ca/locations/. Your order will be sent to the default location within your Account Settings, and you will receive an email ...
    • Can I get my remaining credits refunded?

      Stallion Express credits are non-refundable. They're also non-expiring, so you can use them anytime in the future.
    • How can I get my US Returns?

      We need your importer number from the CRA before we can bring the items back to Canada. Once the package reaches our New York facility, you can request it be returned to Canada from your Stallion Express account. To do this, just head to the Returns ...