Instructions for using our Drop & Go Locations

Instructions for using our Drop & Go Locations

We've partnered with third-party local businesses to help bring Stallion Express to more Canadians across Ontario.

Note: These are just drop-off locations, therefore, no Stallion Express employees will be on-site. Supplies and workstations at these establishments are not affiliated with Stallion Express. Any use of these services will be subject to fees (by the store), billed at your expense.

If you're in any of these listed regions and are a high-volume shipper, please contact us to see if you qualify for pickup directly from your warehouse location.

Instructions for Using Our Drop-Off Locations:

1. Have your packages in ready-to-ship condition. All packages with postage from a THIRD PARTY must have their TRACKING NUMBER inputted in the system. This applies to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Amazon FBA shipments.

2. Check the CUTOFF TIME for each drop-off location if you're looking for your package to be picked up on the same day. At this time, we pick up from these locations Monday- Friday:

  • Hamilton (Peter's Convenience) - 1 pm
  • Barrie (Hasty Market) - 3 pm
  • Toronto West (Good Judy) 3 pm
  • Toronto - East End (De Arts) - 3 pm
  • Midtown Toronto (Mid Yonge Passport Photo) - 3 pm
  • Scarborough (FORTUNE'S CONVENIENCE) - 3 pm
  • Burlington (Payday Loan Mart) - 3 pm
  • Brampton (PIK N GO SHOPPE) - 6 pm
  • Oshawa (Park 'N Shop Mart) - 5 pm
  • Ottawa (PRINCE OF WALES MARKET) - 3 pm
  • Vancouver (Wilet) - 1 pm
  • Surrey (Coal Prints & Signs) - 1 pm

3. Inform the store staff that your packages are for Stallion Express.

4. Please try to consolidate your packages. If you need a bag for multiple items, the store will provide them at no cost.

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