My package is lost, what do I need to do?

My package is lost, what do I need to do?

We can request a trace from the carrier on your behalf. 

If possible, please provide us with the Shipment ID, tracking number, and recipient contact information, and we will proceed with the investigation request.

We strongly recommend having Stallion Protection on your shipments if the package is deemed lost or damaged in-transit. 

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    • What happens if my package is lost?

      We can request a trace from APC Logistics or PostNL. If the package is deemed by the carrier as lost and your shipment has Stallion Protection included, a claim can be filed on your account.
    • What do I need to bring along with my package?

      Stallion Express will take care of customs and export declaration. You only need to attach the shipping label set from Amazon and the Stallion FBA QR code from your completed manifest to your box.
    • My package was damaged in transit

      We're sorry about that! Packages are handled by various parties during the shipping process. Other factors such as adequate packaging can contribute to the package's health during the shipping process. Failure to adequately use the correct packaging ...
    • Can I intercept a package that is in-transit?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to intercept any package that is already in transit (left our facility).
    • Where can I track my package (international shipping)?

      You can track the package from your Stallion Express account, using the Track tab. You also have the option to track the package directly through APC Logistics or PostNL. Just select the shipment from your account and you will be given the ...