What is a generic label?

What is a generic label?

Generic labels are no-cost address-only labels that can be printed to aid in the fulfillment of orders. 

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    • What are your label requirements?

      We require all labels to be printed in 4x6 size format and highly recommend that you eventually start using thermal labels for all your shipments. Labels must cover the entire printing area. Paper labels are still okay, please ensure that there is no ...
    • Do I need a thermal label printer?

      Most of our postage options do not require thermal labels and thermal label printers. The following carriers accept paper labels: Canada Post UniUni ICS UPS FedEx APC *For USPS Economy and PostNL, thermal labels are mandatory.
    • How do I generate a shipping label?

      There are multiple ways to generate a shipping label or create a manifest for your shipments. Single Flow - Through the New Shipment Tab. This can be used if you only have a few packages to ship. Store Integration - Connect your Shopify, Ebay, ...
    • Stallion Express Thermal Label Printer Installation Guide

      Whether you're setting up your printer for the first time or need to reinstall your drivers, we've got you covered. Below, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about downloading and installing the drivers for your printer and accessing the ...
    • Can I tape two packages together and use the same label?

      This is not permitted. If we receive a package with two boxes taped together and only 1 shipping label, we will have to hold the package for pickup or alternate resolution. Each package received at Stallion Express requires a unique label to be ...