Service Description:

Introducing the most reliable, cost-effective Canadian shipping solution!


  • Delivery is available in most major cities
    • Apartments and condominium unit delivery addresses are not recommended for this service. If you still choose this service, please ensure you input the recipient's contact number and email address when creating the shipments. The recipients will get a notification when the package is out for delivery.
  • Service Update: UniUni has expanded and now available for shipments with destinations from Ontario to Calgary, Alberta.

  • Transit Times - 2 to 8 business days
    • Ground shipping service 
  • Fully Tracked via UniUni tracking page
  • Unbeatable pricing
    • Starting at 4.89 per package*
  • 3 delivery attempts to the recipient 
  • Stallion Protection
  • Returns
    • Undelivered shipments will cost the same as initial outbound shipping

Delivery Times:

2-8 business days.

Package Size and Weight:

Max Weight: 25 lbs

Max Dims:

L <=30"

W <= 18"

H <= 12"

Additional Information:


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